February 2016 | Issue 22
London calling


Paul Ratcliffe.jpg

By Paul Ratcliffe
Deputy Director of Education Management, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial

It has been a busy start to 2016 in the London Office of LKCMedicine. One of our key and very exciting pieces of work at the moment has been organising the inaugural student exchange. LKCMedicine Year 2 students competed for 10 places to visit Imperial in the first week of March.

Students will be immersed into life as an Imperial Year 2 student and will get a taste of what it is like to be a student in London and undertake some experiences unique to this.

By the end of their week with us, students will have gained an understanding of how medicine is taught at Imperial and how our history has influenced the development of the highly innovative and leading education at LKCMedicine. This will be achieved by attending early-year teaching, practical classes and a traditional human anatomy session.

In addition, students will enhance their international awareness by gaining an understanding of how the National Health Service works and the education and training that takes place within it by visiting a number of Imperial's top teaching hospitals and experiencing a clinical attachment. Students will also visit a General Practice to see how primary healthcare is delivered.

LKCMedicine students will also hear from some of our Year 2 students about their research. As part of the academic programme, we will be organising a facilitated seminar, at which the Imperial students, who are going to LKCMedicine on the return trip later in the year, get to meet their counterparts and discuss further ideas for student engagement activities between the Schools.

It will not be all work as our Imperial College Students' Union President, Maredudd Harris, has put together a fantastic social programme. The students will experience a bit of what London has to offer, take in some of the city's key sights and participate in Students' Union organised events, so that they can get a true taste of what it is like to be an Imperial student.

Of course, in the background, the Curriculum Development Team and London colleagues are working away alongside LKCMedicine and clinical colleagues in Singapore on the development of the curriculum for Year 5.

Clearly, we have a busy, yet exciting, year ahead!