Issue 126, September 2013
Gathering of alumni associations in China
NTU holds the inaugural Conference of China-based NTU Alumni Associations in conjunction with China Convocation 2013

The inaugural Conference of China-Based NTU Alumni Associations (AAs) and Alumni Get-together Dinner 2013 was held in Shanghai on 21 September in conjunction with the University’s annual China Convocation. To promote close fellowship amongst its China-based alumni and to strengthen their ties with the University, NTU has established 30 alumni associations in China, the first being in Shanghai in June 2007. 

During the conference, which was attended by 160 alumni and guests, NTU President Professor Bertil Andersson thanked the NTU Alumni Association (Shanghai) committee members for hosting fellow alumni from various parts of China, and thanked everyone for their continuous support. “Today’s conference would not have been made possible without strong support from our alumni in China,” said Prof Andersson. After the introduction of all 30 China-based alumni associations, Prof Andersson presented the conference flag to Ms Xu Lixia, President of NTU AA (Shanghai).

The conference started with a presentation on NTU’s progress and development by Prof Andersson, titled ‘Fast-Rising NTU’. This was followed by a presentation by Mr Soon who shared various strategies for the development of alumni associations. Thereafter, NTU Board of Trustees Member Ms Lien Siaou-Sze and NTU’s Chief Development Officer Mr Terry Alan Farris spoke about the importance and significance of giving.

The conference also included a sharing session by Ms Xu Lixia; Ms Sun Xia, Vice President of NTU AA (Beijing); Mr Zeng Xiang Hui, President of NTU AA (Fujian); Ms Li Wenhua, Secretary General of NTU AA (Hubei); and Mr Liew Han-Young, President of NTU AA (Hong Kong SAR). They shared their experiences in developing and managing their associations.

The alumni present were impressed by the information presented. They participated enthusiastically in the dialogue session where they took the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their views with Prof Andersson; NTU Vice President (International Affairs), Prof Er Meng Hwa; Director, National Institute of Education, Prof Lee Sing Kong; Director, Nanyang Centre for Public Administration and China Affairs Office, Associate Professor Wu Wei; and Director of Alumni Affairs, Mr Soon Min Yam.

During the Alumni Get-together Dinner, Ms Xu Lixia welcomed the alumni and thanked them for their support for taking the time to join in the gathering. Prof Andersson also expressed his appreciation to the many alumni who had travelled far and wide to Shanghai, to attend the event. At the same time, he congratulated the new alumni and welcomed them to the NTU community.

Throughout the dinner, alumni and guests were entertained by musical and dance performances. They also made a toast to the success of their alma mater.

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