February 2005   Issue No. 79
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The e-Payment Kiosk
Samantha Ang, Library
What's new & cool at your Library?
It's the e-Payment Kiosk, without a doubt. This sleek piece of machinery, smartly dressed in grey and blue, has since November last year handled hundreds of Library fines effortlessly and smoothly. The user interface, though not as sophisticated as other commercial products, is so user-friendly that even first-time users find using it a breeze.
How it works? Simple does it.
  1. To initiate payment, a Library User inserts his matric / staff card into the card reader.
  2. The kiosk then queries the Library system using SIP2 (Standard Interchange Protocol version 2) and displays the total outstanding sum.
  3. Once the user selects to PAY, he is given a choice of settling by ATM or Cashcard.
  4. Upon payment, his Library record is updated and he may request for a printed receipt.
Development work on e-Payment Kiosk was supported by Mr Lee Chang Hsien, of CITS, and the vendor, Sun Japan Pte Ltd. The system has been subjected to rigorous and tireless testing by this team.
Future enhancements in the pipeline are:
a. cash card top-up facility, and
b. extend payment to include all Library charges.
For enquiries or feedback on the e-Payment Kiosk, please email Samantha@ntu.edu.sg.

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