February 2005   Issue No. 79
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Student IT Background Survey: Peripherals Ownership
5,865 new students responded to the online Student Information Technology Background Survey conducted by the Centre for IT Services (CITS). The survey was conducted over a few months in mid-2004 via the web-based StudentLink services. iTzone published the survey results on PC ownership in the December 2004 issue, and their telecommunication service subscription profile and purchase intention in the January 2005 issue. In this issue, we analyse the peripherals ownership of new students.
Peripherals Ownership
The USB memory ownership has increased from 7.9% to 18.1%. The ownership of Inkjet Printer has dropped from 61.5% to 60.1%.
There is a slight increase in the ownership of CD-Writer (now: 53.6%), Colour Scanner (now: 31.5%), Iomega Zip/Jazz drive (now: 8.2%), Laser Printer (now: 5.7%) and Smart Card reader (now: 3.4%).

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