April 2017, Issue 88



Centre for IT Services


A new service "Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN@NTU)" was launched on 16 Dec 2016.

The Electronic Lab Notebook is to supplement or replace paper-based laboratory notebooks which some of you are familiar with in carry out a research or laboratory activities. Lab notebooks are commonly used by researchers to record procedures, hypotheses, experiments, observations and relevant thought procedures for their experiments.

The ELN@NTU is a secure environment with audit trail and it provides NTU researchers the flexibility to customize their own access controls for information sharing with their own research team members.


Key Features
Other than creating and maintaining your lab notebook, some of the other key highlights of ELN are:

  • Dashboard: It gives a summary and newsfeeds of activities related to your projects and lab notebooks.
  • Research Groups: Allows your research group to share on-going research activities.
  • Audit trail: When a lab notebook or experiment is edited, the previous version is saved.  A activity log is automatically tracked and save in the server.
  • Chemdraw Tool: If you use Chemdraw, you would be able to activate this tool within ELN@NTU for inline chemical drawings seamlessly.
  • Active Data Repository: You can save your experimental data by uploading to the secured server and the system is automatically  which is backed up daily.
  • Export: You can generate the statistics of your lab notebook in PDF format.



Who can access?
The service is open to NTU Faculty and Research staff as well as graduate students.

How to access?
For Faculty and Research Staff:

  1. Login to iNTU Intranet Portal and select StaffLink
  2. Under Research Services category, select "Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN@NTU)"

To date, more than 600 students and faculty/researchers have accessed to this service. There are more than 100 lab notebooks have been created since its launch.
We welcome any feedback or suggestions for further improvement.

If you have queries, please contact our Service Desk (helpdesk@ntu.edu.sg) for assistance.


For graduate students:

  1. Login to iNTU Intranet Portal and select GSLink
  2. Under Academic category, select "Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN@NTU)"



User Guide
The user guide is available once you login under Help > User Guide

Any issues/enquiries, please contact our Service Desk at email: ServiceDesk@ntu.edu.sg