October 2014 | ISSUE 14
The Art of Medicine: placing the patient at the centre

By Nicole Lim
Editor, The LKCMedicine

What do a polyclinic waiting room and a rural clay studio have in common? In both, you will find LKCMedicine students practising the softer skills that will make them the kind of doctor you and I would like to have caring for us.

The Year 1s have just completed their first attachment in a real world clinical setting, spending a week each at a polyclinic and hospital. This gave them plenty of opportunity to put their clinical communication skills training to practice. The Year 2s have the unique opportunity to be part of LKCMedicine’s history while applying some of the lessons learnt during their medical humanities module. They are working with local artist Dr Suriani Suratnam on an artwork that will commemorate the School’s opening.

Also in this issue, The LKCMedicine gets to know Professor Gunnar Nilsson, the incoming Pro-Dean of Higher Education at the Karolinska Institutet, who is here on a teaching sabbatical as well as the newest LKCMedSoc Executive Committee; and we catch up with Assistant Professor Wang Xiaomeng to learn more about her exciting new research.

We also report on the latest news and happenings at the School. Happy reading!

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