February 2018 | Issue 34


Four games, plenty of points and lots of friendly competition

Byline Zenn Soh.jpgZenn Soh, Class of 2021​

The second instalment of the InterHouse Championship (IHC) was Mania, a gameshow-based event, held during the second House meeting of the academic year at the Clinical Sciences Building (CSB) Auditorium on 17 January 2018.

The points accumulated playing each game will eventually contribute to the final scores of the championship. The first IHC event, IHC Sports, was held last November, and Marie Curie House clinched an early lead.

IHC Mania challenged the Houses over four games: 1) Price is right, 2) Don't forget the lyrics, 3) Jeopardy and 4) Lip-Sync Battle.

We kicked off the event with a round of the 'Price is Right', where each House had to guess the correct price of a series of LKCMedicine-related items, ranging from stethoscopes to the Anatomage table and even the cost of the CSB building itself. The students had a good time debating the prices, cheering every time they got one right. This was followed by our own edition of 'Don't forget the lyrics'. Each House chose one out of five song categories available, sang their hearts out and filled in the missing lyrics when the music stopped. The choices of songs ranged from top hits such as "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran to Singapore-related songs, such as "Where I belong" by Tanya Chua.

IHC - photo 2 (Custom).jpgIHC - photo 3 (Custom).jpg
Students battle it out in game-show competition like 'Price is Right' and 'Don't forget the lyrics'

The third game was a round of trivia-based game show Jeopardy, which tested the Houses on their general knowledge, random facts about our School and movie trivia. Everyone participated actively and the results were surprisingly impressive. Finally, students got to their feet in the final showdown of lip-sync. Each House was assigned a song. They had to come up with a short performance based on the song. Songs featured ranged from a song in the new movie "The Greatest Showman" to Disney classics from the "Lion King".

The event was a success and the students bonded within their Houses over some friendly competition and food. It was a much needed break from studying for all, and a good avenue for stress relief.

In the end, Lim Boon Keng House emerged as the overall champion of the event. We look forward to seeing everyone again at our next IHC event, Unsports, featuring games like Mario Cart, Just dance and many other games!

IHC - photo 4 (Custom).jpg
Taking time off from their studies and clinical rounds, LKCMedicine students enjoys​ partaking in friendly competition at the IHC