October 2013|Issue 8
Equipping Our Doctors of Tomorrow

In the two short months since LKCMedicine opened its doors to our inaugural cohort, our 54 students have quickly embraced the School's innovative learning pedagogy, with its emphasis on delivering our curriculum using Team-Based Learning (TBL) and Technology-Enhanced Learning.

One of the cornerstones of the School's curriculum delivery, LKCMedicine’s eLearning ecosystem does not just provide the students with lesson materials which can be accessed anytime and anywhere, it has also been designed to enable meaningful and engaging TBL sessions. In addition, the students can monitor closely their individual progress as they continue along their medical education journey at LKCMedicine.

Another highlight of the past two months has been the students’ introduction to the daily operations of our hospitals and polyclinics. Part of their two-week clinical orientation stint, this exposure to clinical settings – often only introduced in the later years at other medical schools – aims to develop in our students an early appreciation and understanding of what life as a young doctor will be like.

All of these innovations are not merely to make LKCMedicine stand out from the crowd, but form a conscious effort on our part to equip our doctors of tomorrow with the skills to advance the science and practice of medicine for the good of humanity.

Suzanne Lim

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